The Bill of Rights
The Bill of Rights is the collective name for the first ten amendments to the United States Constitution.The Bill of Rights was written By James Madison.Few Amendments are included,such as freedom of Speech,the allowing of carry weapons(guns) and the right to defend themselves in a speedy trial.

The Bill of rights was created because In 1789 Virginian James Madison submitted twelve amendments to Congress.At that time Madison was a memeber of the house of Representatives.He went through the changes of what the bill of rights would cause and made sure they were appropiate and fair for the people of the country. His intention was to answer the criticisms of the antifederalists. The states ratified all but two of them — one to authorize the enlargement of the House of Representatives and one to prevent members of the House from raising their own salaries until after an election had taken place. The remaining ten amendments,known as the Bill of Rights , were ratified in 1791. They put limits on the national governments right to control specific civil liberties and rights, many of which were already protected by some of the state constitutions. Liberties protected included freedom of speech, press, religion, and assembly( First Amendment). The Bill of Rights also provided safeguards for those accused of crimes. Two amendments — the right to bear arms (Second Amendment)and the right to refuse to have soldiers quartered in your home (Third Amendment) – were clearly reactions to British rule. The antifederalists were pleased by the addition of the Tenth Amendment, which declared that all powers not expressly granted to Congress were reserved to the states.

The Bill of Rights,to this day, holds Great importance to people because it protects people’s natural rights along with The U.S constitution and The declaration of Independance.Together all 3 documents provide peace and stability for The

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