Robbery Case
Arrested: Certain, Andy
Charge: Robbery
Location: 300 block street. Orange El Fuego
Date and time: 1/14/11 at 8 p.m.
Officers: B. Roger #181 and T. Dutton#312
At about 7:45 p, on Saturday Jan. 15th 2011 the U/s was told by radio to respond to the bike shop located at 311 orange st in El Fuego. I responded and alighted from my police vehicle and the started talking to the owner Clint Ronald. He stated that a street person tried to steal one of the stationary exercise bikes. The owner further stated that the person tried to tip the bike on to its rollers and move it pass the other bikes to get it outside. The bike knocked over some other bikes and the thief ran outside and got away. Mr. Ronald moved things back to the original places before I got there. I left the bike shop while exiting the store I was stopped by a person saying his bike was just taken from him by a guy in a blue shirt. The person was identified as Koch, Peter pointed across the street and stated “that’s the guy who stole my bike “. I saw Officer Dutton Tom walking on the other side of the street and contacted him by radio. I told him to stop the suspect later identified as Certain Andy, He held him until we figured out what happened. Peter stated that he was walking with his bike to the bike shop and needed to get a flat tire fixed, He pointed at the suspect stating he knocked him down and took off with his bike. Peter stated that his bike was licensed and he had the serial number and license number which he pulled out from his wallet. Officer Dutton was radioed and told to verify that information. After checking was advised that the records matched the paper work I advised the officer to take Andy into custody. Peter then took his bike back. Andy was taken to jail for processing and handling. Mr.Knoch said he want

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