World War 2
World War 2
World War Two started on September 1st ,1939 when the Germans
began attack on Poland when airplanes, tanks and other troops
entered Poland. The war that was soon to begin affected more
people than any other war in history, killing around 15,000,000
people, By 1942 all major countries were involved with this
World War Two was the beginning of a new age
nuclear weapons had replaced your average infantrymen and
far less people now traveled on foot, tanks and airplanes
became both weapons and transportation for soldiers.
People think WW II was a continuation of WWI in fact the three
biggest reasons that people believe it started are : continuing
arguments from World War One, problems with dictatorships,
and Germany, Italy and Japan all had a strong desire
to obtain more land in Europe.
Canada Joined World War Two on September 10th, 1939 and
became the sixth country to start fighting in Europe the other
countries that began warfare before Canada include: Australia,
France, Great Britain, India, Poland and South Africa.
When Canadian soldiers began there expedition to Europe it
took a lot of adjustment for Canadian soldiers. Jake Reimer a
Canadian solider spoke about his experiences during the war
and what it was like to be fighting in Europe, he talked about
How everyone seemed like they were rushing to war, he even
Talked about his experiences with training camp “The next few
weeks of training camp were those of getting accustomed to
military life” (W.W. II stories, Pg. 32). At the time of Jake
Reimers enrollment into the army, Canada was accepting 600
new soldiers a day and was having a hard time keeping track
of all the people enlisting into the armed forces. It took Reimer
one year before the military finally called him and asked him to
report to basic training.
While Reimer was in basic training he
found that some of the things he did at basic training were
very familiar to him things such as firing a rifle “I was about
eight years old when my father taught me how to use a .22
rifle” ( W.W. II stories, Pg.33) after six weeks of basic training
Jake Reimer was placed in Canada for about a month and then
Was sent to Europe where he would begin fighting in the war.
On his Way to Europe, Reimer traveled on a ship with 2,000
other men, there’s a bit of humor in this part of his story because
he spends a lot of time talking about being seasick and unable to
do his job and how the ship always seemed to go in zig zags
because there was a rumor of bombs being placed in the
When Reimer finally got to Europe, his experiences with the
actual war were not anywhere near what he had gone through.
On the way to

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