Walmart – the Future Is Sustainability
Essay Preview: Walmart – the Future Is Sustainability
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Walmart: The Future Is Sustainability
Do you think Walmart is doing enough to become more sustainable?
I believe that Walmart is doing enough to be more sustainable, they are the most powerful companies internationally. Walmarts business practices are inspected carefully. The relationships with employees, suppliers, consumers and the environment are a few that are examined thoroughly. The environment is the biggest issue Walmart has to face. The company has the ability to grow over the years and adapt to change extremely well. This ability to change easily has helped in the environmental practices. In 2005, Walmart was in violation of safe environmental practices, and they were subpoenaed by the US Attorneys office in the state of California. The violation was due to the concerns of their recycling, treatment and storage of hazardous material and the transportation of the material.

Walmart implemented procedures to increase their sustainability by improving on four main areas. In the article written by Catherine Greener, Quality experts say that Walmart is using a new system called the “Sustainability Index, which is a set of 15 questions broken up into four focus areas of energy and climate, material efficiency, nature and resources, and people and community.” They have already opened up two stores being powered by solar panels and wind turbines. They regulate electricity usage by using daylight dimming systems and they adjust the lighting based on natural light. They have also introduced the green labeling system, which will product ratings on products to inform consumers on how green the products are.

Customers are more concerned about where the products they are buying are coming from, and information regarding products that are accessible. The Walmart affect does happen in areas where Walmart plants stake. The mom and pop stores that have been around for 50 years go out of business within six months of Walmart opening their doors in their areas. I see the benefits and the downsides of having Walmart, but the fact that millions of people go to the store and buy the products that they produce is what keeps the company sustainable.

What are the problems that Walmart has faced and what has the company done to address them?
The problems that Walmart faced included ethical leadership issues, problems with environmental stakeholders and ethical issues involving employee stakeholders. Activists, feminists, and labor union leaders all voiced their beliefs that Walmart engaged in misconduct in order to provide low prices. Walmart is now making the changes by creating a new emphasis on diversity, charitable giving, and sustainability in their image. In 2008 sales over $405.6 billion and more than two million employees worldwide, the worlds largest public corporation must carefully manage many different stakeholder relationships. It is a challenge that has been debated within the company. Walmart does save the average family $3,200 a year, but the criticism

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