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Big Tech Companies Should Not Be Broken Up
It is vital to put into consideration how the big tech companies achieved the market position they have. According to the law, one is only guilty of exploitation if one has acquired monopoly by means other than offering preferential products and services for the customers. A lot of invention has been done by these companies to see them where they are. To break them up would be to break down their effort and effectiveness (“Competition, not break-up, is the cure for tech giants’ dominance”, 2019).

Some legal frameworks and laws prevent companies from using their control to benefit their interests or to exploit the consumer. These companies may not have violated these laws to the point that the only remedy would be to break them up. Consumers have come to the point of relying greatly on them. For example, Google and Facebook have become part of our daily lives (GODWIN, 2019). A person can be connected to Facebook and Instagram at the same time, and that what they’ve been used to. Breaking them up will have an adverse effect on the consumer, getting the services he/she used to get from one company from a completely different one.

Companies or products can get huge market share simply because of customer love or prefer them to others (“Should the EU break up big tech companies? – Debating Europe”, 2019). Consumers prefer Google to other search engines because of its results and speed. Indeed, these companies may have gotten their big market share because their products are good. That is not an anticompetitive practice against their rivals. Therefore, they cannot break up a big tech merely because they have a big share.

In conclusion, break up will hardly increase competition but only cause harm to workers and reduce innovation. Their operation has been cost-effective, yielding, and innovative due to combined ideas. For example, the acquisition of Instagram by Facebook gave it a world-class position. Thus, breaking them up the big tech companies will adversely affect their creative power as well as their clients.

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