Essay on Darker Clouds of Earth
One night on September 3, 3015 planet Earth displayed clouds that were darker than ever before. The wind was going at very high speeds, rain was coming down faster than ever seen, the trees were swaying back in forth like someone was on a boat in a big storm in the middle of the ocean. Then waves reaching over 10 feet broke on the beach shore. There is a big storm in the Atlantic Ocean brewing that is about to hit Texas from the Gulf of Mexico side called Storm Alpha, and there is a storm that is coming from the north side of New Mexico that seems to be shaping a tornado that is called Storm Bravo. People are panicking and hiding in there storm shelter rooms and most are trying to evacuate the area. The streets are becoming flooded by all the rain and the dams are overflowing. People on Earth dont relise that a once in aa life time storm is about to hit. Storm Bravo has formed into a tornado and is coming in at very high speeds . Storm Alpha has turned into a hurricane and is closing in on Texas. Both storms are causing wind speeds over 250mph along with damaging large softball size hail. The two stroms are gaining speed and eventually collide. All of a sudden there was a bright light shining through a hole in the sky and everything including humans and animals got sucked in. Some of these people included a dog named Philip, a pig named Sparky and a civilian named Craig. They were transported through a tunel of colors when finally they fell down and hit the ground. Craig, Philip, and Sparky woke up and saw a totally different planet called Thrae. There was fields of overgrown grass and a bunch of dead plants. There wasnt any trees or roads. There water source is a dark brown river that runs around the area and they eat fruits and vegetables since they cant cut each other up. The highest building for miles and miles that they saw was only 1 floor but they were all old and rundown. They were walking up to a house but it didnt look anywhere near how houses looked on Earth. It had half shaped rectangle as the base and on top of that was half of a circle, then half of a triangle, and finally a square. The houses were made of grass and mad. Then they saw talking animals walking out of the house. A bear walking on two feet, a dog walking on two feet, and when they saw Sparky and Philip they yelled, “WHO ARE YOU.” Craig freaked out because the animals can talk and they are walking on two feet. “My name is Craig and these are my friends Philip and Sparky”, yelled Craig. Then a person came from the side of the house and they had tattoos that covered there hole body. “Hi guys, my name is Soottat, are yall new to the neighborhood”. ” Then Craig passed out because of seeing Soottat. “Hi my name is Philip, we come from the planet Earth”. “Where are we”, said Sparky. “This is planet Thrae, only 150 miles away from your planet Earth”, said

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