Big Spaceship
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Big Spaceship
In its current state the company, Big Spaceship, is nowhere near the organizational level it should be to launch into the deep waters of large-scale advertising “Madison Ave.” companies. Their company strategy involves nothing less than near perfection when it comes to the contracts they receive. Even when presented with an idea that their employers would like to see made, Big Spaceship traces back to analyze what would be best for the projected result and how their taskforce will approach a revolutionary means to present everyday things in a genuine and unforgettable way. Such a feat is hard in such a power driven business where the large players usually receive the majority of contracts due to their recognition and strength in numbers. By utilizing the “word of mouth” technique and a too stringent policy is part of the reason that the company is not ready to expand. Another factor is the way employee dynamics go about. The familial and open environment does make great workers phenomenal, but constricts the ability to expand due to its close-knit nature. This is exactly what Big Spaceships strength is, its close-knit community that caters to niche clients that love what the company does. The company should steer away from third-party contracts from advertising agencies solely because it conflicts with their general strategy. Regardless, more business should be taken on through their own channels with the possibility to search for contracts and not solely rely on the recommendations provided by past clients. To sustain the atmosphere they have the company should open another New York City office to support more employees and allow more contracts to be brought in. These few steps will slowly allow Big Spaceship to grow and flourish but not “go big” simply because that is not the culture the company would in any means prosper and more likely than not by forcing itself to become a “Madison Ave” firm it would ultimately fail.

In my opinion, Big Spaceship should implement a divisional approach by creating numerous hubs nearby (not satellites, such as the one previously in L.A.). With the structure they had in the start: a home emulating, friendly environment that was organic and produced the best results would be used in each of their centers. Each hub would have the same amount of employees in each of the four divisions (Strategists, Producers, Designers, and Developers) and would foster the same fluidity of communication that was present in the earlier days of the company. This continued usage of small, diverse teams would foster more contracts in general as well as focus the managing staff on the managing side of the hub and allow hub heads to form that would take care of operations and report to the top of the hierarchy. This organizational structure would be ideal in the case of Big Spaceship due to its unique nature and obvious success

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