Aztecs and Incas
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aztecs and incas
The Inca and the Aztec were alike in some ways but also had very large differences. The Inca lived on the northeastern coast of South America from 1450 AD to 1535 AD. The Aztecs lived in central Mexico from 1325 AD to 1523 AD.

Lets look at the agriculture. The Inca had an advanced agriculture system, which allowed them to grow more food and specialize. They would carve steps out of a hill and then would plant vegetables such as corn, beans, and squash. These were called terraces. They also had an advanced irrigation system that consisted of canals and streams to help water the terraces. The Aztecs also had an advanced agricultural system. They used floating gardens called chinampas which were rafts made of reeds which soil was put onto and then seeds were planted in it. This way they could have more land for farming.

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Also they sacrificed black llamas as offerings to the sun. The peoples lives were completely controlled by the king and his nobles. They fought often so they could take captives for sacrifice. The Inca were not very aggressive people and rarely fought wars. The Incas empire fell when the king and all the nobles were murdered by Pizzaro when they came out to greet him. They were conquered by Hernando Cortes.

Now lets talk about government. He had taken over them with a small army in 1519, but was driven out of Mexico. All Aztec men were required to fight at the kings order.

These are some of the big differences between the Inca and Aztec civilizations. They were conquered by a Spanish soldier named Francisco Pizzaro. The Aztecs were a very warlike civilization and were very aggressive. When they could not find a excuse for war they played a ball game called tlatchli in which the losers of the game would be sacrificed.

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