Gender Codes
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Gender Codes
As I have read through this chapter I have noticed the one thing that is common in every section. Each one talks about how men seem to be more powered over women, and then the next it goes to how women then how more control over men, but I think it is all based one the one theory. What era it is. If you talk about the 50’s women who were big and HAD curves where gorgeous. One example would be Marilyn Monroe, she was a size 16 at that time, and she was considered one of the most beautiful women of that time. Next if we go tot he 60’s and 70’s, what ever you looked like you were beautiful too. If we skip forward to the 90’s you will now notice that look are everything. Being ‘bigger’ isn’t the thing. Its either being twig like or muscle like. Now that is for the common women. If you look at men they have never really been judged as harshly as women. A guy could get away with having a big beer belly and no one would really think differently of him. They say the perfect man is business like, muscular, tall, dark and hansom. But honesty how many men REALLY strive for that. Women look at pictures and say to themselves she is blonde, tall, skinny., I can dye my hair blonde, go anorexic, and wear pant that

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