Bex Term Paper
What are we selling?  (Include the current status of the product/service/brand) Accessories, intimate accessories  Describe the assignment. (Clearly state both the business and advertising objectives. Also discuss the deliverables.)BEX NYC portraits itself as a high-end brand; however, we found that it has poor brand awareness and engagement. It has wide range of products from kitty ears to hand-cuffs.Business Goal: Improve brand awareness, recognition, image and engagementMarketing Goal: 1) Improve market share by 10% by year end 2) Increase in BDI by 10% before year end 3) Increase number of followers on social media by 10% before year end, 4) Achieve conversion rate of 15% from online promotions, events and sponsored content after end of campaignMessage: Promote Female Empowerment and sexual liberation with a tone of being unapologetically sexyDeliverables: Print ads, sponsor ads, digital displays, events, placement marketingIs there any background? (This may include a discussion of past & current campaigns with results, other media used, research, competitors, market conditions, what has worked and what hasn’t, etc.)Market Analysis The lingerie market is set to enjoy 5.2% annual growth for the next five years, and the sex toy industry is expected to grow by $35 billion by 2020, largely due to popularity after the movie, Fifty Shades of Grey.(Both data got from MarketWatch)Bex accessories, being in the same space stands to benefit from growth in the category. Especially since it incorporates lingerie in a broad range from sexy to playful. Bex NYC does not have physical stores, so it uses online stores as its main sales platform. Bex NYC is on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, blogspot, yet the engagement on these platforms is rather low. Bex NYC’s competitors include Chantelle, La Perla, etc, while Bex NYC offers a different touch for sexuality.  It’s the only lingerie brand run by a lesbian designer. The sentiments in Bex NYC is unapologetic, strong, and fierce, which separates it from its counterparts on the market. It has relatively low brand awareness on the market. Who are we selling to? (Give a portrait of the target: age, sex, income, geography, attitude/personality traits, behavior, and any other characteristics.)Women 30-45 years old, HHI: >70,000Attitude: I am independent and have a voice of my own and am not guided by other people’s opinions.Psychographics: Strong, fierce, unapologetic, independent, risk-taker, opinion leader, initiator, sexuality explorer, nature flirt Behavior: Party-goers, whisky drinker, career women, regular work-out, not afraid of getting their hands dirty

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