The Courage to Lead: Steps to Becoming a Better Leader
Essay Preview: The Courage to Lead: Steps to Becoming a Better Leader
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The Courage to Lead: Steps to Becoming a Better Leader
1. Leadership
a. Definition: Leadership is the ability to inspire people to turn challenging
situations into successes using ethical means.
b. Leadership has everything to do with your innermost desire and
c. Leadership is not just the responsibility of the command team, it is
everyone’s responsibility.
2. Leadership Axioms
Leadership is a choice. If you choose to become a leader/better leader, you can do so through hard work and study.
Your leadership challenges will increase. Your leadership skills will continue to be challenged by subordinates and superiors, because we have to do more with less.

Good leadership takes time. It does not happen without investing time toward your goal. Know your informal leaders. They are not hard to recognize. Position your informal or quiet leaders to impact your areas. They will get the job done.

Leadership is everyone’s business. At any time, you will be called upon to lead. It is a function of preparation and opportunity. Failure to prepare is unacceptable.

3. Steps to becoming a better leader
Caring: Care for your people. Leaders also motivate their subordinates to care for their fellow workers, their customers who are your patients, co-workers and organizational staff.

Focus on Intangibles, especially Values. “What personal values are most important to you? Loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity? Be also cognizant of the morale and ward/unit culture. Ask yourself, what do I need to do to improve or change the culture of my ward/unit?

Recognize outstanding contributions. Your folks will work hard to maintain a good reputation.
Become a good communicator: This is a critical leadership skill. If you can connect with your listeners, you will be seen

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