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There exists strong mutual supplementation in trade ties between the two countries. Myanmar has rich natural resources, including mining,
agricultural and forest products, while Myanmar consumers like Chinese goods, he said.
When asked about any change of Myanmars economic and trade policy after recent cabinet reshuffle, he specially stressed that the policy laid
down by the government would not change but welcome Chinese entrepreneurs to do businesses and invest in Myanmar, assuring to provide
better facilities for their move and disclosing that a number of government departments has had cooperative links with Chinese counterparts and
such links would increase.
During Chinese Vice-Premier Wu Yis last visit to Myanmar in March this year, China proposed an increase of bilateral trade volume to 1.5 billion
dollars by 2005. Concerning this, Myanmar also expects the same with China, he said.
Concerning the establishment of China-ASEAN Free Trade Area, he pointed out that “win-win” situation could be attained through friendly
coordination as there exists unequal status among countries.
With regard to the border trade, Tin Naing Thein said Myanmar has been making efforts to transform the two countries border trade into normal
trade to benefit each other and the transition is being strived under a bilateral agreement signed years before on border administration.
He also disclosed that an annual Myanmar-China border trade fair will be held in December in Myanmars border town of Muse linking Chinas

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