Composition I
Assignment: Personal Letter
Personal Letter
For decades women have fought hard for equality and a respectable position in society. Although equality yearned for has not been achieved, the world is taking a positive path towards gender equality.

Similarly, the world is changing, and the circumstances that women of baby boomers lived in are not the same as today. Education was not held in as much regard as it is now. Women want to provide better for their children. Women want to feel more involved in not only the primary ways of cooking, cleaning for the family. Relationships and marriages are breaking every day in modern society. I agree that parents need to spend as much time as possible with their children, especially during their early developmental stages. However, quitting your job is not the only way to spend time with your child. You have weekends to be with them, you can have an understanding with your employer, and you can make a working schedule if you are self-employed. Therefore dear Mary, I would ask you to reconsider quitting your job to be a fulltime mother; being a working mother has its cons. Still, it ensures financial stability, gives you independence, and makes a role model to your children: things that are very crucial in the world that we are currently living.

Working as a mother gives you financial stability that you would otherwise not have if you decided to stay home and raise your children. You have better chances of giving your children access to quality childcare, education, and excellent and quality living standards. It cannot be disputed that there are men in the society who are great providers and take care of both the wife and the children. But there is no harm in making things easier for your partner and avoiding high financial strain.

Lack of money leads to stress, especially in our current economy. Having your own money places you in a better position mentally to take care of your children. It can also contribute to peaceful marriage hence happier children.

Working as a mother gives you independence. You can rely on yourself to support yourself and the family in case your partner is not able to help. The high rate of broken relationships leading to increased single parents families is the sad reality. In the case that such an event occurs, a working mother is better placed to raise her children without much strain compared to a stay at home mother. Having your own money and being finically stable as a woman helps you make better decisions. For instance, you would leave a toxic relationship that affects not only you but your child’s developmental process and their view of relationships. Similarly, you can lose a partner too many other tragedies other than a broken relationship. Being financially stable enables you to take care of your child with or without a partner. Research has shown that financial stability leads to higher levels of caring sensitivity towards one’s children. For the better part of my teenagehood, I grew up in a single-parent family, and I can say from experience it is much easier if they are financially stable — easier both for the children and the parent.

Our children need to have role models that they can relate to. They need to know that the mother can be a provider at the same time as a caregiver. Our daughters need to know that their abilities go beyond cooking and cleaning and leaving the more significant responsibilities to the men. If you want your children to be part of the leaders of tomorrow and the force that helps drives our economy to greater heights, you have to show them.

Your son needs to know that women, too, can do more than cook and clean for them. They need to understand the concept of teamwork in a family setting. Watching you and your partner share responsibilities to ensure both of you spend enough time with them will impact their future.

Dear Mary, you have worked so hard to get to where you are career-wise, and I believe you do not want just to let it all go. The pressure to conform to society and our parent’s view of a good mother is too much, but I’m asking you not to give in. You have always wanted to make decisions or at least be involved in making decisions that affect you. Being a working mother will help you make decisions concerning your children. You will be included in deciding what schools they attend where there go for holidays and so many other decisions since you can contribute financially. Not to be pessimistic, but some occurrences force parents to be single parents, and in case of such, you will want to continue giving your child the best. We grew up with both our mothers at home full time; we can both agree that when they finally decided to go back to work, it was hard to get a job that matched their qualifications and good pay because of the long years they put they life’s on hold to take care of us. Our parents lived at different times, and everyone has a different path. Being a working mother does not make you any less. It means that you can have it all. A career and a family, all you need is to find a balance.

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