The Best Way to Learn About Life
Essay Preview: The Best Way to Learn About Life
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Life is a crazy and amazing thing that can have many different beginnings and endings, but the
best way to learn about life depends on the person. A person can learn about life from there family, friends,
school, church, TV, and from the environment that they live in. Your family can be a good way because
they can teach you right from wrong in the way that they believe. Be there to answer any question that you
may have, and be at your side when you go through your problems in life. The only thing that could not be
good about learning from your family is that their thoughts of life might not always be the best choice.
Meaning what your family sees as right isnt going to be right by everybody. Your friends can be a good
way because your friends will tell and show you things that your family wont. They will be there when you
have questions that you are to embarrassed to ask your family, and be able to teach you things that they
feel is right. The only bad thing about learning from your friends is that they can teach you things that are
sometimes not good for you. School is a good way because you cant do anything in your present without
knowing your past. It is also a place where you have friends, teachers, and counselors that can help you to
learn about life. The down side to school is that if you get to many opinions you wont know which way to
turn. Church is a good place for the ones who believe in gods and religion, but like we all know church isnt
right for everyone. TV is away that you can learn about life because you can see it. You can take parts and
bits from TV and compare it to your own problems and learn from it. Even though some things you see on

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