Eof: Open-Source Use Accelerates Software Development
EOF: Open-Source Use Accelerates Software Development
In this article, the author discusses how companies and developers can capitalize on the new development model that developers are using today. The author states that “this new model is fundamentally changing the way software is designed and developed. It accelerates development, improves software quality and reduces costs. In short, it’s changing everything.” Developers are reusing software components that can consist of “company-owned code, open-source and commercial libraries, and code provided by outsourcers.” This new mix of intellectual property has brought about a need for managing software licensing. The author has developed a set of “best practices” for software compliance management which he has included in the article. By using these best practices, companies and developers can protect their intellectual property and assure licensing compliance.

I thought this article was a step in the right direction. Open source software makes protecting intellectual property and licensing compliance harder. However, the “best practices” allows companies and developers to begin to decide how they are going to manage their software intellectual property and use the new development model to their advantage.

Pedersen, P. (2005). EOF: Open-source use accelerates software development. Linux Journal, 2005, 140 (December 2005), 17. Retrieved September 14, 2006, from

Open Source Software Development Should Strive for Even Greater Code Maintainability
The article is based on a small research study that was conducted by the authors. The study was conducted to help determine the maintainability of the source code created by open source development. This was

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