Living with a Roommate
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Courtney LucasENG 100-01Dr. HoughMarch 16, 2016Living with a Roommate Having a roommate can be a pleasant or, unpleasant experience. Everyone has to adjust; differently, to each other living habits.  We all tend to rush to get a roommate, because we feel the need to say we are grown, and don’t have to listen to our parents anymore. For me, I found that having a roommate can be a little bit challenging. Having a roommate can be fun, stressful, and a mentor.It was fall 2011, on my 18th birthday I decided to move out my parents’ house.  My best friend asked me to be her roommate. That was such perfect timing, because by law my parents couldn’t make me stay. I and my best friend would always stay up late. Every now and again we would invite a few friends over for movie night. The rent was $500 monthly, so we both split the rent $250 apiece. That benefits us both in some type of way. Living with a roommate can be so fun in a daily living.Sometimes having a roommate can be stressful in certain situations. My best friend seems to have a problem with having her part of the rent on time. She tend to proecrasnate a lot, and we end up having to pay overdue late fees. Each time my best friend cooks dinner, she leaves a pile of dishes in the sink, and never wash them. I end of having to wash all the dishes, and also put the dishes away. While I’m doing my hair, she always come in the mirror with me. She always wet up the bathroom floor, while taking a shower, and don’t clean it up. Whenever my boyfriend comes over, she joins in on our conversation without asking. She can be a bit rude at times. Sometimes I just need a little privacy.

My best friend broke up with her boyfriend on her birthday. I gave her a little girl talk advice. We may be upset for the moment, but it will get better over time. All she wanted to do was watch romantic movies, and cry her eyes out all day. I told my best friend we will both cry our eyes out together. That is what friends are for. All roomies need a mentor to lean on, every once in a while.        Having a roommate can be a bit of challenging in different ways. It goes from having fun, respecting each other privacy and property, till just having a shoulder to lean on. Meanwhile I tend to think I am better off living alone. I cannot tolerate some of the habits, and can’t get use to them. People might find that a bit selfish, but it works out for me just find.

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