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Invitation to Soc Reaction
Essay title: Invitation to Soc Reaction
“Invitation to Sociology” Reaction Paper
I used Berger’s Invitation to Sociology as a checklist. While reading through his article, I was trying to relate on what he was saying a sociologist actually is. He mentioned a need for more answers, and a curiosity to see what’s behind closed doors. He said people who are interested in human beings and understanding man are truly sociologists. Berger mentioned sociologists will be drawn towards both tragedy, celebration, and still be interested in the day to day events of the world. I took a highlighter to the areas of interest, and to the places where he mentioned exactly what was needed for a good sociologist. My paper is covered in marks.

I found myself thinking what I had been drawn towards in the past. I was asking myself questions about whether or not this person he was mentioning in his article had any relation to who I am and how I think. I know that in the past I’ve wanted to work in a people orientated field mostly because people are so interesting to me. Seeing cause and effect play out with society is one of the most amazing things I can think of. “Why” has always been my favorite word. Now, after reading this, I can place a finger on where my mind was going with all of this.

I always thought of myself as a “people watcher”. I often find myself staring across a table or a room watching the actions of the people in my surroundings. I tend to notice the way they talk, the way they present themselves, the way they are animated, their

actions. I have always been the curious one, I tend to dig a little deeper for the answer than most of my peers. I’m usually the first one to ask a question, and the last one to settle with an answer. After reading Berger’s article, I feel as if I have been blessed with a sociological mind.

I find myself a little weary about having this curiosity and this sociological perspective, however. The way Berger explains sociology

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