Politics in Europe
2. What are the potential costs and benefits of future EU enlargement? Which countries, if any, should be included in future waves of enlargement? What should the membership criteria be? Make sure to discuss both the pros and cons of further enlargement.

In no time Europe a whole has become one of the most successful powers throughout the world, further closing the gap between U.S the supreme superpower. It can be said that Europe changed most of its political aspect from a one person leadership to a democracy as we run in the United States. With all the movement and change for the better, the constant question is what countries should be enlargement. Other topic range from what would be the cost an benefit of future EU enlargement, second what countries should be included and on what account are just some one that question that comes when EU enlargement is discussed. But in this essay I plan to discuss and answer some of these questions.

EU enlargement is a very difficult and ambitious process going on in Europe in an attempt to unify the whole country. Many countries have tried and have also failed to do the latter. Not only is it a process that is long and hard but is also a process that many country’s don’t get the chance to go experience. Beside this other perks include bringing about peace between and throughout the whole country, which remain a difficult task after the drama of the last world war. This war had created a rift between most of Europe but the development of the EU created a feel of entitlement and a need to settle the dispute.

Diversity is another reason that the EU strives for the enlargement of the group. An addition to the EU can potentially bring in more ideas and insight people of the cultural heritage while mixing in a diverse amount of people in the EU. This creates a better understanding of each other’s needs, religious beliefs and common interests.

Cost and benefit I believe are outweighs

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