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How would you like to focus on your business expansion and meet new investors, leaving the nitty-gritty stuff of production to service compnaies to do the work. By so doing, you still continue to be the owner of your company and earn the profits, with less worry on your shoulders.

Outsourcing is the process of transfer of management or the day to day function of a business function to an outside service provider. The transfer in outsourcing involves the transfer of control. Wherein the buyer who is the owner of the company, looks for a supplier to manage the business fuinction/ The buyer and supplier enters into a contract agreement which defines the type of service that the supplier is to deliver and the buyer s obligation to the supplier upon fulfillment of the service. Th buyer is not to instruct the supplier how production is to go about, but instead communicate to the supplier the results that is expected and the process involve in accomplishing those expectations are left to the suppliers strategy.

A large number of companies have adapted outsourcing and found to be a strategic management option. In a competitive world, businesses should start to focus on their core competencies. While it has been criticized to cause unemployment to some countries and is threat to the economy, outsourcing has positive effects on a large level. Through outsourcing, companies can pass the product to its consumers at reduced costs, as there will be high demand for the product if sold at a price lower than what your competitors are selling. The products are marketed as a high tech product due to the high quality control placed into it.

What you Lose in Outsourcing
While you figure that outsourcing could solve your problems and focus more on your business core competencies, you start to realize that there is more to know about outsourcing than the benefits it could do to your business.

Outsourcing deals with your fundamental principles that of which should apply to what your contracting parties should believed in. Entering into service level agreements is just like entering into a relationship where both parties need to understand clearly, what is expected as results. If such principles do conflict, unsatisfactory relationship could possibly occur and lead to an early termination of the contract.

The following are some of the disadvantages of outsourcing:
1. Outsourcing does damage the local labor markets. It affects the jobs of individuals within the locality as companies begin to outsource causing job disruption and employment insecurity,

2. Outsourcing may decrease the quality or fail to realize business value. As the buyer (owner) lays his expectation and supplier (service provider) does the processing, the tendency that business value is not met. Buyer should see to it that quality service is delivered to its clients. For call centers outsourcing, linguistic features such as accents, word use and phrase used may be a problem, thus resulting to lower quality of service if call agents are having difficulty to understand the client.

3. Higher staff turnover. As staff is trained and company skills are transferred, growing number of employees leave.
4. Loss of control as to the hiring of qualified people to handle your product. There are unreliable suppliers who would opt for higher profit, thus hiring or replacing qualified people with less qualified due to cost reduction.

To outsource means choosing your best partner and build trust to one another
Benefits of Data Center Outsourcing
It takes to have specialized skills to perform data entry operations and at the same time involves large amount of money to invest in computer equipments. Computer equipments have to be purchased and maintained regularly. You need highly skilled people to have them operate your data entry system.

Many companies nowadays engaged themselves to service providers involve in data entry outsourcing. It is believed to be economical and allows companies to focus on their competencies rather than worry about data center operations. For companies who are into providing reports, data center outsourcing is a big help as it fast tracks their reporting deadlines. Data center outsourcing does not need an understanding of the product, database or business. What is important is how fast, accurate and efficient the data entry is done.

Data center outsourcing manages documents as well. Service companies on data center does provide several data entry operations such as data extraction from any format, hand written, typed copy or a scanned image; and reject re-entry, data. It should also provide database maintenance at real-time data entry.

Data center outsourcing is not just about saving physical space. Some of the advantages of outsourcing data center are as follows:
1. The service operation is uninterruptible and that regular monitoring of the data can be undertaken.
2. It provides data management wherein it ensures that data have back ups
3. There is a security measure that protects data from outside or inside hackers
4. It provides on site trouble-shooting, and speedy response
5. It provides a disaster recovery in case of loss in data.
Keep track of your report deadlines. Get rid of those stacks of records. Give your employees a space to breathe and move. Have your records handled; give data center outsourcing a try.

Why Not Outsource your Customer Service
Your customers are one of your most valuable assets in your business. Your customer s satisfaction comes first over and above anything else in the business. They make your business going and grow. A dissatisfied would either stop patronizing your product or send bad feelers to friends and family of the kind of service you provide.

Customer should be given attention and utmost care in answering to their needs. In a global competitive world, you need to be attentive to your customers needs and wants or you would eventually lose them. You certainly need more help in attending to your customers.

To solve your problem and focus more on your core business areas, you may think of having your customer service outsource. Outsourcing customer service seeks to ease out the problems you are experiencing your business. Through outsourcing your customer service, service providers are expected to handle unresolved complaints and pricing issues. They also provide suggestions as to better

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