The Belize Tourism Board
The Belize Tourism Board is a statutory body under the Ministry of Tourism representing a partnership between the government of Belize and the public section on all matters related to tourism. The main objection of the Belize Tourism Board is to promote all aspects of the tourism industry by securing the most favourable arrangements for the entry of tourists into Belize and publicizing Belize as a tourist destination worldwide.

The Belize Tourism Board is also the most preferred point of contact for persons travelling to Belize. The Board markets the uniqueness and diversity of Belize through innovative and creative programs and advertising worldwide. Throughout the years, the BTB has been recognizes for its exceptional leadership and service with praise from industry and trade partners both locally and internationally.

The vision of the Belize Tourism Board is fostering responsible development of the tourism industry for the socio-economic growth of Belize through prudent, transparent and effective governance.

The BTB is a strategic partner in marketing the Belize tourism product, developing tourism initiatives and programs, and implementing tourism policies, to address the changing needs of visitors and stakeholders.

There are four departments that make up the Belize Tourism Board. The first is the Finance and administrative department that is responsible for the overall financial management of the Board.

The second is the Hotel Department which aims to ensure tourists satisfaction of service as well as collect as efficiently as possible, accommodations taxes and other charges to ensure the sustainability of the BTB.

The third is the marketing and public relations. The main objective of this area within the Board is to increase the awareness of Belize as a tourist destination, to educate tourists about Belize, to create a brand personality for

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