The Beginning of Sin – Abigail – Essay – Chuchu Li
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The Beginning of Sin – Abigail
The Beginning of Sin——Abigail
After studying the Crucible, the readers know that Abigail Williams is a very important character that runs through the whole play. Of course, she shows how an unlikeable character acts like. It is true that Abigail acts poorly due to a lack of love and guidance and this might be a reason that leads her to do these terrible things. But she clearly knows what she is doing and never repents. That makes Abigail become a complete villain.

Abigail represents desire and ignores the commandments. In the play, she works for the Proctors but she tries to attract John Proctor. She succeeds and has an affair with John Proctor. That shows Abigail is an unprincipled person because she knows that John Proctor and Elizabeth Proctor had already married, and she also realizes the affair between her and John should not take place. Even so, she still chooses to do so and hates Elizabeth more. Abigail also keeps tempting John when they meet at Parris’s house. She tries to make John remember what they did before and speaks ill of Elizabeth. That really shows she is full of desire and does not mind how bad the things she does are. She shows the exact opposite side of Elizabeth—-so hot but merciless. “I know how you clutched my back behind your house and sweated like a stallion whenever I come near!”(Miller 1270). She also wants to ask a soft word from John. But this time Abigail has failed and the hatred is building inside her.

This girl has the thinking that she should not have at that age and she becomes a good liar in order to revenge.  After she is gotten the sack by Elizabeth, she organizes the girls to dance in the wood and makes Tituba help her to curse Elizabeth to death. She drinks blood and wants to get revenge. Maybe she feels bored with the lifestyle she has to obey, but that cannot become a reason for her to harm others. She does not care about anyone’s life if they are on her way to achieving her goal. That shows how vicious she is. When Parris and the judges know the girls were dancing in the wood, Abigail starts lying to everyone and accuses a lot of innocent people. She pretends that she is harmed by the “devil” or “people who work for the devil”. Her irresponsible attitude leads to people’s death. Not only to the people outside the power, but also to the people in the center of power and

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