Ford Ranger
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Ford Ranger
My truck is a 1991 Ford Ranger XLT. It has a 5-speed manual transmission. It has one hundred and twenty six some thousand miles on it.
The exterior design is the old squared off body style. Its color is a light blue, with a light shade of gray. The back drivers side fender bears the rough spots of years of aged rust. The truck exterior is very dirty/dusty seeing as how Ive never washed it since Ive had it. There is a bit of damage on the front side fender where it is bent in towards the frame, and also the back bumper is bent down and in as if some one backed into a tree stump. The windshield has a crack on the drivers side and many rock chips throughout the rest of the glass. The bed of the truck has a bunch of trash and junk, along with a spare tire and cooler. The tail

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