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Shuck 1Nina ShuckMrs. HallEnglish 112 27 March 2017Analyzing Ads EssayAdvertisements are a major part of the American life style. Everywhere you look you will see advertisement. These advertisements are constantly trying to persuade into purchasing the product or products being marketed. Thus, it is of importance that we as society have an understanding of the strategies used by marketers. If people have an understanding of the basic concepts used by marketers, then they are less likely to be deceived by deceitful marketing. It is important to analyze advertisements because by doing so you are uncovering the marketer’s strategies  The title of Ad A “want to feel seductive wear this” published on March, 2017, page 63 appeared in Cosmopolitan magazine. In Ad A, there is a beautiful woman with seductive eyes, dark hair, and tattoos all over her back. It’s a dark dreary night she is soaked and wet from the rain coming down on her. She has olive skin with beautiful full looking eyebrows with ruby red lipstick on her lips with her mouth slightly open. She has this ravishing silver blouse on that has an open v shape back that shows off her tattoos. She is looking over her right shoulder with her eyes looking down. The words in the middle of the page read, “Ruby Rose is wearing Backtalk,” and below it, the lipstick is called Vice Liquid Lipstick. The magazine states it has “20+ addictive, High-intensity colors, waterproof, kiss proof, and life proof.” Then it says below the additives in bold letters, “lipstick is my vice.”  Shuck 2The title of Ad B “Want to Shine wear this” published on March, 2017, page 21 appeared in Comsopolitan magazine. In Ad B, there is a beautiful African American woman with bright purple and yellow colorful eye shadow on. She has big bright eyes with beautiful full looking nicely shaped eyebrows with bright shiny pink rose color lipstick on. She has her hair in a green head wrap it doesnt allow her hair to show. The background of the ad is the same color as the head wrap. She is wearing a shiny silver blouse. Next to her left shoulder in bold letters, it says “Infallible paints lips.” Then below the woman, there are four different wet looking shiny colored lips with their mouths slightly open with shades of purple, brown, rose pink and gray. Next to the lips, it says, “go paint yourself lacquer up lips in high impact liquid color.” Then below that its says, “Because your worth it.”  Next to the lips is a tube of the vibrant plum purple color of “infallible paints/lips.” The lipstick trademark is with L’OrĂ©al Paris.        The compositional features discussed in Ad A and B are setting, social meaning, position, and appearance with how they contrast and how they are similar.  In Ad A, it has a dark purple background that symbolizes the sky that its dark outside.  The room is informal because there is nothing to it. It’s just a dark purple background with no furnishing in the room. It appears to be placed outside in an outside setting because its raining. The reason the advertising agency did this to show in the dark is where woman feel sexy, and wanted.  Woman also feel sexy all soaked and wet they feel they look attractive and seductive. It seems to be more geared toward women in their thirties to feel more of a woman, to look seductive and wanted, to be bold and beautiful and to be fantasied about and look sexy. They did this because older woman are looking to appear more seductive and the desire to feel wanted. The first thing viewers see when they look at this ad is a woman who look seductive and very attractive. She is wearing a shiny silver open v back that shows off her attractive adventurous tattoos. She is posed to where she is looking over her right shoulder with her head tilting down and her mouth slightly

Shuck 3open, very seductive looking. She has bright blue eyes that stand out with the dark background. She is wearing the product to bring out her full beautiful lips, it showing If woman buy this product then that woman will look and feel seductive just as Ruby Rose.In Ad B, the background is a bright dark green with some white shadowing. The model has a head wrap on that matches the green background.  It’s a beautiful bright green color that woman would enjoy seeing, which makes the reader think she is trying to appeal to the wild side. The woman is an African American. She seems to have confidence as if she knows she looks beautiful with her flawless tanned skin.  The woman is looking straight forward. All the viewers can see is her bright brown eyes with purple and yellow eyeshadow, which makes the viewers vision go directly to her eyes, it’s the first thing people see. This illustrates bold, beautiful and straight forwardness, like this is me. Everything that involves her makeup is perfect, which means she takes the time to make herself look beautiful. With the flawless tanned skin, bold beautiful eyes and perfect placed makeup, it would be safe to say this is a women looking to be noticed. L’Oréal paints lip color gearing toward the woman in their young twenties, women that are looking to look flawless and stand out with the multiple options of bold bright colors. In Ad A, emotional effect of the dark night sky with a hint of clouds and the rain coming down on her means that this picture was taken outside. They wanted it to appear night and dark where woman feel wanted and want to look seductive. They are probably trying to show seductiveness and sex appeal. The woman is older looking with black dark hair and many tattoos showing all over her body they are gearing toward woman who are older in their thirties. They are trying to illustrate that older women can feel and look seductive if they wear this product. There is not many decorations in this picture, more so on the woman opposed to the background so the assumption is that this is leaning toward how the woman feels at night Shuck 4in the dark. This is leading the viewers to believe that this ad is gearing to more of the mature older woman who strives to feel wanted and look sexy and seductive. In Ad B, emotional effect of the dark green background with the shade of white means the picture was taken in a studio with a well-lighted area with a green backdrop. The advertisers are probably trying to show boldness but glamorous with the shadowing of white.  The woman is young looking with bright colors everywhere below her it even shows bright colors for options to wear. This points to woman who are younger in their twenties or even teens. They are trying to illustrate that younger woman can feel and look beautiful by wearing this bright eye catching lip paint. There is much decorations in this picture just, bold bright green solid colors with white shadowing its very eye catching. The importance of this means to make the viewers feel wild and adventurous exploring different options of bright bold colors.

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