Marco Island Travel Getaway
Essay title: Marco Island Travel Getaway
Marco Island Getaway
Most people think that a beach resort is just another hotel on the beach. They think that they are all the same and have all the same characteristics. What they dont know is that they are all different. The Marriott beach resort in Marco Island, Florida is the largest beach front hotel in the state.

The Marriott resort is a four star hotel located on the southwest coast of Florida on the largest of ten thousand islands in the state. It blends the tropical charisma of the island with an unrivaled array of amenities for an enchanting and unforgettable island escape. It is situated directly on the Gulf of Mexico with three and a half miles of pristine white sand and shell beach. Surrounded by the tropical opulence of Floridas Gulf Coast, endless leisurely pursuits are just beyond the guest rooms. While staying at this resort, you can play gulf, tennis, participate in countless water sports, and go on many chartered eco-tours.

The Marriott was renovated in February of 2004. It underwent a sixty million dollar renovation. It is considered to be a kid-friendly hotel for beach-lovers. Guests on a budget can stay in one of the eleven-story towers. Those who can afford to spend more will be impressed by a suite in the two-story Lanai section. The best feature of the Marco Island Marriotts Lanai suites are its private balconies. Stairs lead from the balcony directly to the pool and beach. This eliminates the need to walk through the lobby or even board an elevator. Ten steps from the staircase, your feet touch the sand. Each balcony has a lounge chair and dinette table with seating for four. The Lanai suites also contain a den with a wet bar and a carpeted bedroom with a king-size bed.

The dining facilities are immaculate. You can eat everything from hearty American fare, to sublimely fresh seafood. This resort offers a few distinct and delectable choices. Families with kids flock to Scoozies Pizzeria to pizza by the slice, or a whole pizza pie. Adults and Couples can enjoy Quinns which is located on the beach. They serve tropical frozen drinks, Caribbean-spiced appetizers, and blander American fare. The laid-back mood under the Tiki Hut is prime to visit at sunset. The spirit of the tropics is infectious as the live music is played.

In June of 2005, I visited this breath taking resort. I was there with my dad and his brother for the Cattlemens Convention. The entire premises was covered with flocks of cowboys. I have never seen so many pairs of wrangler jeans and cowboy hats in one place in my entire life. It was as if I was stuck in the middle of a redneck supper store and it was locked from the outside. With the country music blaring from every direction my nerves were shot. I cannot

stand to listen to country music for more than five seconds with out getting a head ache. But with alcohol within my reach from every direction, it didnt seem to bother me much after I was there for more than a couple of hours.

Hanging out on the beach was amazing. The beach was absolutely gorgeous. The sand is pearl white and very clean. There wasnt trash all up and down the beach like there is at every other beach that I have ever been to. The water was crystal clear. It was like looking into a glass of water. You can see right through it. With palm trees on the outer rim of the of the beach, it made it feel as if I was at some kind of forbidden exotic getaway.

With two pools and a hot tub, there wasnt an hour that went by that I wasnt swimming in the pool or ocean or relaxing in the warm water of the hot tub. One of the swimming pools seemed to be more of a childs swimming pool. There was a monkey bars, swings, and slides over hanging the water. The pool itself is very shallow. If I recall correctly, it was three feet deep all around. It is the most eye catching of the two pools because it has a thirty foot waterfall that flows into the pool. The other swimming pool seemed to have been made for all ages. It was much larger in size and depth and was the shape of an Olympic swimming pool. The hot tub is surrounded by a circle of concrete

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