The Bea Gaddy Organization
Essay Preview: The Bea Gaddy Organization
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The Bea Gaddy Organization
Bea Gaddy’s Foundation is an organization designed to help people in need. The organization was named after a woman who for over 20 years organized Thanksgiving dinner for thousands of people in need in Baltimore, Maryland. Bea Gaddy, unemployed mother of five, founded this organization in 1981. The Master File Premier describes, “A community kitchen run by the needy for the needy” (Salter, 2001, p1). She funding for this soup kitchen began when she won a $290 dollar lottery ticket. That year, she brought enough food to feed 39 people in her neighborhood. This paper will answer what about Bea Gaddy’s organization appeals to me, what values we share, which of the seven primary characteristics of organizational culture does her organization embody, does the organization have a strong or weak culture, and is the culture ethnical, customer-responsive or spiritual.

The Bea Gaddy Foundation is a non-profit organization has grown into help thousands of people in need. What appealed to me about this organization is that Bea Gaddy welcomed all to help assist in the tradition of giving every year. She allowed inmates from two correctional facilities to help her give to people in need during Thanksgiving for a few years. This showed the public that all willing helping hands are welcomed to help people in need.

The organization share many values. Giving to others is the main value of the culture in this organization. Through Bea Gaddy’s selfless example, she was able to influence people of all ages to share this value. Other values that this organization presents are selflessness, compassion, and hard work. She taught these values to volunteers of all ages, ethnicity, and religions in her community.

In the Chapter of Organizational Behavior seven main characteristics that can be revealed in an organizations’ culture. These characteristics are Innovation and risk taking, Attention to detail, Outcome orientation, people orientation, team orientation, Aggressiveness, and Stability. Bea Gaddy’s organization embodies outcome orientation, people orientation, and team orientation. Through outcome orientation this organization focuses on the number of people they can help annually. This focus is used through increasing food supply and sponsors from outside companies. People orientation is used

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