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The Basics of Boxing
Essay Preview: The Basics of Boxing
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The Basics of Boxing
Boxing is a very fun sport to learn. The skills you learn in boxing can help you in many ways. You can box at many different levels. Some people do it for exercise and others do it for a living. Boxing is basically a very easy spot to learn. In order to learn the basics of boxing it is necessary to discus the basic stance, the basic defensive moves, and the basic offensive moves.

Everyone who boxes needs a good basic stance. The stance depends on whether you are right or left-handed. If you are right handed your left foot should be about 12 inches in front of your right leg. If you are left-handed you should have your right foot in front of you left about 12 inches. The stance your are in determines which hand will be your lead hand. If you are right handed you lead hand is your left. If you are left hand your lead hand is your right hand. When boxing you should never bring your feet together and get squared up. If you were to get squared up it does not take much to knock you down.

The defensive side of boxing is a must. Defense will help you avoid getting hit and possibly hurt. Blocking is a defensive move that renders your opponents blow with your hands, shoulders, or arms. Bobbing and weaving is shifting your body from right to left while your head is almost rotating and you are in and out of a partial crouch. Clinching is a move done when an opponent is hit you. What you do here is grab and hold your opponent and hold them so that they cannot attack. Covering is something that must be done at all times. When covering you must hold your arms in front of your face and body to prevent the opponent from getting in a clean shot. Ducking is a simple move that is done by bending at the waist to avoid a blow.

Offense is a good key skill in boxing. Offense is your punches you throw. The jab is the most important punch. A jab is where you throw a fast straight blow with your lead hand. A hook is a more powerful punch. In a hook you strike from the side with a short curved motion of either arm. An uppercut is another power punch. The way you throw that is slightly bend your knees and then drive your hand up straight toward the opponents head. Feinting is a offense tactic used to misleads your opponent. You simply act like you are going to throw a punch.

If you can master all of the skill that was mentioned you will be able

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