Analyse a Variety Information Sources
In this assignment, it will firstly analyse a variety of difference information sources and then i will evaluate both pros and cons in each source. Finally, I will summarize which is appropriate source for a specific type of information. I have chosen my topic that I will enable use a wide quantity of information sources. This was titled as:

“The impact of the Internet on Customer Relationship Marketing strategy in banking sector in the UK”
This topic represents the impact of using the Internet on Customer Relationship in UK banking industry that this has become an interesting topic and also suitable for collecting some trustworthy information from different sources. Additionally, the scope of my chosen topic will be based on customer interaction and also focus on only the UK to find some specific information in order to compare between advantages and disadvantages of each data source. Therefore, each of which source I prefer to use that should be up to date and most relevant to my topic.

I have aimed advantages from the quality of data sources, namely Business Source Premier (Ebsco) ,Nexis UK, Google Scholar and The times online to answer my topic.

Online Databases
First step for this resource is to access the Sheffield Hallam Shuspace website, and then I have to log on in ‘library gateway’ order to search information. There is a number of reliable information related to my topic. In there I am going to use ‘Subject guides’ function of the gateway (Business and Management), then I chose sub-tab on the top (Journals and newspapers). This provides me a number of important journals and newspapers for business and management and also cover knowledge of my chosen topic .Consequently, I prefer to search information from Business Source Premier (Ebsco) and Nexis UK.

Figure1: SHU website navigation
Business Source Premier (Ebsco)
In Ebsco, there are various full text business databases covering business sources premier and especially it is likely included academic journals, which I wish.

This information source has a number of key strengths while be using this source to search in. First of all, there are a variety of searching ways such as Basic Search , Advanced Search , Visual Search and Search History .I have chosen Advanced Search because this way is not complicated to search and also find particular information. In addition, there are primarily three boxes to search in which I can specific my detail of searching more deeply, plus I can add more field to my search as I want.After searching the result will appear in the site according to peer refined ,publication date and a particular source type.


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