Four Basic Functions of Management
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List and explain the four basic functions of management and provide an example of how a manager would use each function in their work.
In order to be a good and effective manager one must possess four basic characteristics. He or she must be able to plan, be organized, have good leadership skills, and have control of their work environment. Management is explained by Robbins & Coulter (2007), as someone who coordinates and oversees the work activities of others so that their activities are completed efficiently and effectively. I will explain each areas function and there importance in the managerial process. I will conclude with an example of how a manager would use each function in the workplace.

According to Robbins & Coulter (2007), they state that, “during the early part of the twentieth century, Henri Fayol, a French industrialist, first proposed that all managers performed five functions: planning, organizing, commanding, coordinating, and controlling” (p.8). Today these functions have been revised to planning, organizing, leading and controlling.

The planning function, involves defining the goals of the company, researching and collecting data to help support those goals. Once you have gathered your information the manager must make decisions on what should be done. After evaluating the information, a good manager begins to organize the people and resources available. Organizing involves arranging and structuring work to accomplish the organization’s goals stated by, (Robbins & Coulter, .p 9). Leading involves implementing the plans and helping employees work effectively toward accomplishing the organizational goals. The final function of management is controlling, which consist of evaluating and monitoring the results of the previous functions to determine if the objectives of the company have been met. The accomplishment of these goals lead to achieving the organization’s stated purposes.

Operating a business can be very complex with varying degrees of management level. It does not matter if your business is large or small; all managers must perform the same these essential functions in order to be successful. All managers Burrow & Everard (2004) states, “must make product, marketing, personnel, and financial decisions every day” (p. 275).

If I were the owner of a small residential construction company, specializing in framing, I would consider the following. I would begin by first going over the blueprints to determine in what order

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