Performance Enhancing Drugs
Essay title: Performance Enhancing Drugs
The use of performance enhancing drugs has spread from the Olympic and
professional athletics to college, high school, junior high schools and middle schools for
athletes and non-athletes a like. Just by looking at the facts you’ll probably realize how
widespread the problem has become. A study in 2001 revealed that it was estimated that
as many as three million athletes in the United States have used anabolic steroids for non-
medically prescribed applications (Silver 2001). The general public has to now realize
that the use of performance-enhancing substances in athletics has increased at every level
of competition and poses a serious problem in today’s society.
The reasons for most professional athletes to use performance-enhancing substances
are many. Most athletes use performance-enhancing drugs to get themselves a
competitive edge. When it comes to sporting contracts and endorsement deals, athletes
have realized the competitor who performs at their highest levels within their sport gets to
earn the most money.
Baseball players that choose to take performance-enhancing drugs like steroids are
looking to hit the ball for a greater distance and recuperate from their injuries at a much
quicker rate. Usually, the ball player who hits the most homeruns gets the largest
contracts. If two players are both free agents, and one hit 20 home runs and the other hit
50, do I have to ask which ballplayer will end up with the bigger contract?
Football players may take performance-enhancing drugs in order to increase their
strength, rate of recovery, and muscle mass. Drugs such as steroids can improve their
blocking, speed, and tackling skills.
Performance-Enhancing Drugs
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In a 1997 Sports Illustrated survey they asked current and aspiring US Olympic
athletes two questions. The first was whether they would take a banned performance-
enhancing drug if they were guaranteed to both win their athletic event and not get
suspended for drug use. The second question was whether they would take the same
substance if it would enhance their ability to win every competition for the next five
years but then result in death. Remarkably, 98% responded, “yes” to the first question,
and more than 50% responded, “Yes” to the second question (Bamberger 1997).
The use of performance-enhancing drugs is no longer a problem that is limited to
Professional athletes and bodybuilders. Because so many people admire successful
athletes, they try to imitate their actions. According to a 2006 annual meeting press
release from the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists reported that 4.5 %
of high school senior boys admit to taking performance-enhancing drugs. Another 2.4%
of girls also admit to taking the drugs. Even more concerning is that 2% of 8th graders
also make the admission (Carpenter 2006).
Thousands of young athletes are consuming performance-enhancing drugs in order to
better their chances for scholarships and careers in professional sports. Drugs improve
muscular development, strength, and stamina. These young athletes see drugs as part

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