Bangladesh National Budget Analysis 2015
Essay Preview: Bangladesh National Budget Analysis 2015
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COVER LETTER OF EVENTMay 24, 2016                                              The DirectorOffice of Co-Curricular ActivitiesStudent Affairs Office  BRAC University,49, Mohakhali, Dhaka- 1212                                                                                                                                           Subject: Approval of budget for an event named “Kemon Budget Chai”.The main objective of BeF is to train the students of BRAC University about different business and economics issues and basically focusing on building their leadership qualities.We want to organize an event titled “Kemon Budget Chai        ”, on 01.06.2016(Wednesday) from 4 pm to 6 pm where Dr. Akbar Ali Khan, Former Finance Adviser, Bangladesh Caretaker Government will be present as the key note speaker on 01.06.2016(Wednesday) from 4 pm to 6 pm at GDLN Center,  where 60 audience are expected to attend. It will be a participative program in which students will get the opportunity to share suggestions about the National Budget, and get insightful knowledge about the national economy.The Adviser of BRAC Business School, Dr. Rahim B Talukdar will be also be present in the session.We look forward to your support by approving the budget for the event “Kemon Budget Chai” Thank you in advance._______________________________________________________________________President ___________________________________________________________________________Signature with sealAdvisor of Business & Economics Forum___________________________________________________________________________Approval of Director

Office of Co-Curricular activities“Kemon Budget Chai”BudgetSLItem  Quantity x rate [Taka]Cost [Taka]01Backdrop1OCA02X-banner2OCA03Venue (GDLN Center)OCA04Food for audience55 x 60tk330005Food for Guest (Keynote Speaker, Adviser of BBS, Head of Operations of BBS, Faculty Members)5 x 100tk50006Communication 20007Gift for Keynote Speaker Dr. Akbar Ali Khan11200Total – Five Thousand Two Hundred Taka Only.5200/=________________________________________________________________________President[pic 1]Signature with Seal

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