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Does Class Size Matter?
.2/12/17Does class size matter?          Does the size of a class really matter on how well or bad students learn or pick up the information? In my opinion I think it depends on the effort or the student and teacher. First I say the student because the student has to at least try first before he or she says they dont know how to do it. I also say the teacher because the teacher has to put in the effort to see what methods works best with the students and the teacher needs to at least reach out to all the students to make sure they understand the curriculum.If its a small class with about eight to fifteen students then theres a higher chance of the students understanding the criteria.          The teacher doesnt have to check each one of the thirty kids or more ,in a regular class. Questions will be easier to answer . Most of the students wont get lost trying to figure out whats going on. Also the students that like to talk a lot, most likely wont get sidetracked because there wont be a lot of kids to talk to. There wont be any kids sitting in the back because its a smaller class. If they sit in the front then they will be able to pay attention easier.           On the other hand, if a teacher has a bigger class then he wont have to teach that many classes. The only way for this way to come out positive is if all the students are engaged in the lesson and are actually trying and paying attention. With a large class theres always going to some students that like to sit in the back and not do the work. They wont take notes.They wont even participate in the activity or class discussion. They’re just here for the ride.

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