Baby Boomers Vs. Generation Y in the Workplace
Essay Preview: Baby Boomers Vs. Generation Y in the Workplace
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Thanh Vy Le
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Baby Boomers vs. Generation Y in the Workplace
Up to now, one of the biggest challenges that companies face today is to manage age diversity in their workforce. Age diversity such as Baby Boomers and Generation Y is a good and helpful thing. It brings many different points of view to the work. However, tensions often form between them because of their own experiences, strengths, and values. Therefore, understanding the differences between those two generations can build effective teams.

The loyalty in the workplace is different between Baby Boomers and Generation Y. Baby Boomers were taught loyalty by their parents and lived through several events that refined their loyalty. Therefore, they always show their loyalty to their career and employers because they want to stick with their job for a long time in order to get to the highest level. On the other hand, Generation Y think about the “loyalty” in another way. Unlike baby boomers, generation Y just loyal to their peers and not really stick with their job if that job seems not fulfill their desire. If organizational loyalty is mixed with a desire to make a difference and tempered by caution about peoples motives, the result is a successful company. Baby Boomers will probably lead the company, and they will request suggestions from generation Y regularly. When suggestions seem foreign to them, they should ask clarifying questions before accepting or rejecting them. In return, Generation Y have to remember that they are less experienced and may be suggesting ideas that Baby Boomers have already tried. Although baby boomers and generation have their own point of view about “loyalty,”they are good workers and the important parts in developing their workplace.

There are differences of the view of work and life balance and how handle that balance between Baby Boomers and Generation Y. Because they were born in different “eras,” so it affected their point of view to how they balance work and life. Baby Boomers were born in the “cultural revolution” time of the U.S, so they experienced the difficulties in life. Furthermore, the “American Dream” was promised to them and they pursue it. Therefore, they are seen as being greedy, materialistic, and ambitious. Because they have passed the hard times in their life, they understand how important to have a stable standing position in this life, so they put all their efforts to work. They can work for long hours without complaining. They do not take off their times to take their family on vacation or handout with their friends because of their fear of losing their job. “Live to work” is defined this generation. As a result,

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