With a new century in full swing it is time to think of a new direction for PepsiCo in terms of marketing. The CSD (Carbonated Soft Drink) industry has stalled in recent years and it is time to focus our marketing dollars on other items. Therefore, I have four important ideas that will push PepsiCo to a new level in promoting our products. Here are the four strategies that will help us gain market share.

Design a non-CSD to target the baby-boomer generation that will help them maintain strong bones and remain active.
The baby boomer generation is beginning to hit a critical stage in their lives and we need to accommodate their needs. Baby boomers make up 39% of Americans over the age of 18 and they account for 29% of the total population. Baby boomers also have $2 Trillion in annual spending power. They have the ability to purchase a quality non-CSD that will keep them healthy and we are willing to offer them this. Abbott Laboratories is the current leader in pediatric, adult, and healthy living nutritional products. This includes Ensure Brand Products, which pioneered the market for adult nutritionals. We will look into how they have successfully marketed

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