Bc Packers
Bc Packers
B.C. Packers
B.C. Packers was founded in 1923 as a private company and was purchased 61 years later in 1984 by George Weston Limited, a publicly traded multi-billion dollar conglomerate.

B.C. Packers sells mainly canned tuna and salmon products all over the world and in Canada under the brand names of Cloverleaf, Rupert, Bumble-bee, and Paramount.

From its plant in the Philippines, B.C. Packers also manufactures and sells a canned cat food in Japan called Lovely.
The Issue
The managing directors at B.C. Packers have recently been considering entering the Canadian cat food market. Apart from being an attractive business opportunity, this venture would be a good solution for 2 issues B.C. Packers currently faces:

The fish by-product left over from the processing of canned salmon and tuna is generally sold in bulk as fish meal, which is not very profitable. If it were used for the production of cat food to be sold in Canada, this waste could turn into a valuable product

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