Avian Flu
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Avian Flu is a virus caused by birds. Many people refer to it as bird flu but it is the same thing. Hundreds of thousands of birds in Asia died because of a virus that has been called the “bird flu.” The contagious disease is responsible for lowering poultry quantity in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and Vietnam. The particular strain of influenza H5N1 has been reported for causing death. People can get the disease through close contact with infected birds, or with the feces of infected birds. It can also spread through human-to-human contact. There has been no proven fact that humans would get the disease through eating eggs or meat of sick birds. The only way to get rid of the disease is by killing sick birds. Millions of chickens, ducks and other kinds of poultry have been killed in an effort to eliminate the virus. There have been many deaths because of the flu and the World Health Organization is concerned that the virus could spread on to a human influenza virus, causing a serious problem. The bird flus symptoms in humans fever and coughing and eventual pneumonia.The most common way to get AIDS is by having sex. But, you can get AIDS by infected blood, sharing injections, and pricking by a needle. People who have AIDS are being discriminated, in the family, and at work. One effect of this illness is the discrimination. People with AIDS have low self-esteem, get feelings of guilt and shame. Sometimes they dont ask for medical attention that they need, because they are afraid of the negative reaction that they may get from other people. AIDS also has a negative effect in families. The families have to sell material things to get the money to support the person with AIDS, and they must have to get an economic loan. The organizations suffer a decrease of incomes, because of the employees with AIDS are unable to go to their jobs. The employers must hire new employees, but many of them do not have the enough experience to do those jobs. The effects of AIDS are discrimination, problems within the family and the organizations with their employees. In my opinion, I think that there will be more deaths as a result of AIDS, because it is spreading like wildfire.

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