Fat like Us
Fat like Us
Fat Like Us
It is said that America is the fattest nation on the earth. Even with this stereo-type, people of large mass still find it hard to live a normal day to day life. The over glamorizing of thin and petite body frames has a strong hold on the reality of this “obese” nation. Overweight people suffer at the stares and behind the back talk on an everyday basis. Why do Americans find it ok to humiliate those of big bodies when the reality is that big bodied people are the norm of this nation?

People fall victim to what is sometimes called “national selection”. National selection is a satirical title on natural selection. It is based on the idea that America keeps the major population obese and unfit to sell an “American” image to its own people using slim healthy and attractive celebrities. The average American is at least 20lbs over weight according to the body mass index scale. Yet America pushes fast food to deliver quick satisfying meals at mind boggling calorie levels and then sits us down with 100 + channels to watch to incapacitate us.

The average person works majority of the day and usually has extra activities like school, parenting, and even a second job. America’s clock in and clock out times are undefined. Obese people

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