Inside Delta Force
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Inside Delta Force is the autobiography of Eric Haney. Eric Haney was one the original members of Americas elite counter-terrorism unit. The autobiography follows Haney through his experiences as a Delta Operator, whether they be joyful, or heart breaking.

Throughout the book Haney describes various settings that he was placed into. The book starts off with him at Fort Benning, Ga. It is here that Haney undergoes the rigorous training required to be accepted into Delta Force. From here Haney travels to cities around America training for different situations they might be presented with. These cities range from Washington D.C. to Atlanta, Ga. He was also involved in the rescue attempt of 300 U.S. students in Iran, and the violent conflict in Beirut, Lebanon. But, the most significant setting that I found was the secret farm house they spent the majority of their time, simply waiting to be called into action. At this farm house they would go fishing, play volleyball, and do anything else that would pass the time and ease the boredom. The mysterious farm never had its identity revealed due to security reasons, but I found myself drawn to its secrecy.

Due to the fact that this is an autobiography, Eric Haney is the main character, but throughout his journeys he describes his comrades. The most influential

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