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Her grandmother who represents the old world, both in age and heritage.
Her mother who is a mix of both, who had to be strong to raise her daughter from a young age against opposition, who has had to fight for everything
The teen hierarchy.
Learning about boyfriends and the other sex…
1.Australian : Theyre Australian passport holders.
Theyve their insurance for health , life and properties .
They have their jobs . Australia government pay for them
Australia Government always find new ways to make sure their citizen have well-life .
They have right to vote and decide who is going to be their government .
2.Refugee : They came to Australia to live and start new life . Because some reasons , they forced to flee their homeland . Those reasons could be well-founded fear or persecution due to race , religion , membership of their social group or political belief .

Well , in each type , the government has their own way to treat them , of course , therere all good ways and help people to have better life . Besides that , they have AusAID programs and society welfare , also , Australia is free about religions . As much as people come to Australia to live everyday , the government has to control them , finding jobs for them , shelters and many things for their life . Some of Australia citizens are not Australian , they came from many other countries for a long time ago , they have Australia Passports so they still have their acquired rights .

Lucky them , Australia is a huge country but a quite stabilize population . So , refugees have more chance to come here and start new things .

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