Audience Analysis Paper
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Audience Analysis Paper
This assignment is such an opportunity to me as a student to write an analysis of my classroom audience. I, as an audience analyzer try my best to make use of this opportunity, and show that how one can use the characteristic differences between the people to his/her advantage, and create an audience-centered speech to get the most of his/her audience’s attention. I will mention some of the different audience characteristics of my classroom audience, which helped my speech topic of cultural artifact of Jewelry to become audience-centered; such as their age, sex, relationship status, and current job or profession.

Age is one of the characteristics that can affect the audience to either find one’s speech interesting to them or on the other hand to totally bored them. Depending on what age rang the speaker is targeting, the amount of audience’s interest can be changeable also. For example I, with having the jewelry as my speech topic, I actually targeted my audience being in the range of the ages 17 to 50 and up. The reason to that is that I figured no matter if the audience is 17 or 55 or any older, yet he/she would have some kind of interest toward jewelry. If the audience be 17, he or she would care and pays attention to me as the speaker, because he/she will somehow have a girlfriend or boyfriend or maybe even mom or dad to really love them and want to treasure them by buying them a piece of jewelry. On the other hand the audience can also be a fifty years old gentleman or lady to care buying a piece of jewelry for his/her loving wife or husband as an appreciation gift.

So no matter that if there were about six people under the age of twenty, about twelve people in their twenties, and about five people thirty years old and over; as an audience they would still care about the topic of jewelry in some ways. Even though, if the one as an audience would not care about jewelry because of his/her low budget, but still one will care to gain more knowledge about the new technological advances in jewelry, and realize that how they can even bring their ideas to live as an jeweler.

Sex is another characteristic that can affect the audiences to be interested in the topic of the speaker and his/her speech. But actually in my case it did not really matter that which sex my audience were; because no matter if the audience be male or female, him or her would still care about the jewelry topic, speech, and its affects. If the audience was male, he would defiantly care about my topic and pay a careful attention to it; because he would defiantly have someone like wife, girlfriend, or a caring mother to really care about, and purchase him/her a piece of jewelry. On the other hand if my audience was female, she would maybe care about it for her own sake, or her Mom, spouse, or boyfriend. So no matter what sex my audiences were, all of the about fourteen males and ten females, they were some kind of correlated to it, and concerned about it; hence they would pay attention to it.

Relationship status of the audience is another fact that can be affective to get the attention of the audience also, and eventually make the topic to become an audience-centered topic and a speech. For example, in my case my topic was pretty much concerning to married, engaged, or even single ones. If the audience was married he/she might have wanted to purchase anther piece of jewelry or maybe even upgrading what his/her partner

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