The Attraction of Cults
Isaiah Lopez
English II-2
12 June 2017
The Attraction of Cults
In the TED-talk “Why do people join cults?” by Janja Lalich discusses the reason people join cults. She implies that people join cults because of friends that want to bring more members into the cult. Lalich is implying cults shouldnt control of your life from friends and beliefs. Cults believe they have the answer to everything and can provide better ways of life to you. Cults also believe the more of an commitment is more better for becoming a leader in the cult. If the cult is abusive the police may get involved if there forcing you to do anything harmful. Cults are persuasive and will make you lose contact to friends and family unless you tryna recruit them too.Ultimately what Lilich was trying Daniel Hardy

Mrs. Robinson
06 November 2015
Floating Potato
If an object has a higher density, it is most likely to to sink to the bottom of water. If the object has a lower density, it is likely that the object will float to the top. I predict that in order to make the potato float, we need to lower the density of water using sugar and salt.

Materials & Procedure
The materials we used are the following:
50mL of water.
60mL of salt.
60mL of sugar.
Graduated Cylinder.
First we weighed the potato to find the density of it. Then we poured the water in the beaker

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