Business Research of Kfc
1. Executive Summary
We conducted a thorough study on the overall operation of the restaurant in the past few months. It was noticed that cooking method of using deep frying is the root cause to carry out the unhealthy food / junk food image. Also, promotion is mainly emphasized on selling chicken and ignores other choices that prevent the image development. We conclude that a set of detailed sampling design, data collection as well as recommendation to help enhancing the business growth and market share of KFC.

The attached report contains our observations and recommendations on the aforesaid problem of the KFC.
We listed out our observations on the key problems of the KFCs cooking method, the reason of people perceive KFCs food are unhealthy and food limitation to prevent image development.

Furthermore, we created a sampling design to collect data from public and analysis the findings, through the discussion and comprehend the limitation and make the recommendation to assist the decision makers on the new market strategy and set up a healthy image to public.

2. Introduction
Nowadays, competition is extremely keen in the fast food industry. As the worlds most popular chicken restaurant, KFC promoted their image to public successfully. However, given todays ever changing living lifestyle, people are more prone to the concern of healthy dining. Other competitors, such as McDonalds has started to adapt their menus to meet the changing of customers preferences over in past few years. It has been well received and welcomed by the public, and it has also increased their market shares in the industry. In contract, KFC competitors strategy has successfully allowed them to keep up with the popularity. On the other hand, KFC market share continues to fall if no any strategies are in place to go against competitors.

3. Company Background:
KFC Corporation(Kentucky Fried Chicken),, based in Louisville, Kentucky, US established in 50-60s is the worlds most popular chicken restaurant chain. Every day, KFC serve nearly eight million customers over the world. Customers around the globe can enjoy more than 300 other products. In Hong Kong alone, there are around 60 stores thanks to effective management and the building of a strong brand image.

4. Literature Review
With the report from WTO, there is a claim that fast food and junk food are the root cause to childhood obesity. It emphasized the importance that nutritional and healthy food for the teenagers. The report also pointed out that there is over 16 percentage students more than 3 days or more in a week

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