Classroom Management
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I have observed my mentor using this style of classroom
management. It is a method of behaviour management pioneered by Lee
and Marlene Cantor. The goal of assertive discipline is to teach
students to choose responsible behaviour and in so doing raise their
self-esteem. This in turn should lead to an increase in their academic
Having a good classroom environment in which to teach gives the pupil
the best possible chance of learning effectively.
A basic principle of assertive discipline is that pupils need to know
your behavioural expectations. They must be given limits and the
teacher must be consistent in his / her approach at all times.
Pupils need positive recognition and support as well as discipline so
that they are motivated to behave well. It is very easy to criticise a
pupil for being badly behaved but most teachers fail to comment on
good, appropriate behaviour.
The teacher who uses assertive discipline effectively has a classroom
plan, which she shares with pupils so that they are clear about the
consequences of their actions.
The teacher will have a list of classroom rules on display and will
remind the pupils what they are at the start of the lesson. (Appendix
1) The rules in Mrs. Wards class are:
1.Follow directions first time given.
2. Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself.
3. No swearing, teasing, name-calling or put-downs.
4. Do not interrupt when someone else is speaking.
The consequences of choosing to ignore these rules are:
First time a rule is broken: Warning
Second time: Wait outside the classroom for 1 minute
Third time: Wait outside the classroom for 2 minutes
Fourth time: Phone call to parents
Fifth time: Sent to head teacher
The classroom discipline consists of three main parts:
1. Rules that pupils must follow at all times.
2. Positive recognition that pupils will receive for following the
3. Consequences that result when pupils choose not to follow the
Watching a teacher apply assertive discipline is a very positive
experience. The atmosphere of the whole room is calm, the lesson has
continuity and all pupils are able to make a positive contribution.
A. Biggs Learning Support Assistant Course – Advanced
Non-assertive discipline
I have also been in lessons where the teachers response to pupils has
had a negative effect

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