The Rhythm of Your Breath
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The Rhythm of Your Breath.
The Atlanta Yoga is a studio that is housed in a loft located in Midtown West. Atlanta Yoga has been opened for about six years and it offers many levels of yoga classes for the public. According to Ms. Adele Gale, the owner and director, Atlanta Yoga does not have a formal mission but is there to spread the form of yoga known as Ashtanga, which in Sanskrit means the eighth limb. This form of yoga works with synchronization of deep rhythmic breathing and movements. By regulating your breathing it aids your body with strengthening the body, helping with digestion, regulating metabolism and helps with decreasing blood pressure.

Upon entering the building, I was engulf in a wave of heat which Ms. Gale explained was there to aid in releasing unwanted toxins through perspiration. The lights were dimmed and the atmosphere was very relaxing with a hint of incense lurking in the air. The class was relatively full with an aura sense of serenity and tranquility amongst the participants.

After grabbing a studio mat I joined the rest of the class in the scorching heat. I now know what the web site meant when it advised us to wear as little as possible.

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