Atkins Diet
Did you ever think going on a diet would be good for you? Research has been proven to show this is in fact true. Studies have proven that the Atkins diet is in dace beneficial to people’s health. The three reasons which the Atkins diet is beneficial to one’s health is: Blood lipid levels were better in the low-carb group that had reduced the fat in their diet, there was an increase in good cholesterol and greater decreases in fats in the bloods, and people with diabetes had better control of their blood-sugar levels while being on the Atkins diet.

The Atkins diet was created by a name named Dr. Robert Atkins. Dr. Atkins was in the process of writing his own book about the diet when he died. One impact this diet has on your health is it decreases the amount of fats in your blood and increases your so called “good” cholesterol. This is beneficial to your health because you don’t want fats in your blood and you want a high percentage of your good cholesterol. High bad cholesterol and fats in your blood causes blockages, which can result in coronary heart disease. Coronary heart disease can cause the blood to flow at a very low pace, or just to stop flowing in general. This may cause people to have heart attacks, which are sometimes deadly. But being on the Atkins diet and staying true to the rules/guidelines, you have a better chance of decreasing the amount of fats and increasing the amount of good cholesterol your body takes in. Many people think the Atkins diet is not good for you because you’re cutting carbohydrates out of your regular diet. In this article some said, “Low- carbohydrate diets have been criticized because they allow people to eat a limitless amount of fat and protein, but restrict the quantity of carbohydrates”. (Study see 2) Truth is a great amount of people want too many carbohydrates in one day, more than the normal amount and sometimes double the normal amount in sometimes just one sitting. Eating this many carbohydrates is a problem because there are many different consequences that will in time catch up with you.

A second impact the Atkins diet has on your health is if you have diabetes it keeps you in better control of your blood-sugar levels. Blood-sugars are the amount of sugar (which is also called glucose) which comes from carbohydrates. When participating in the Atkins diet you cut out all carbohydrates out of your diet, which therefore, makes you, cut out glucose. Like said in this article, “Although the atkins diet is laden with protein and contains a plentiful supply of fat, dieters showed an increase in the level of their high-density lipoproteins (so called ”good” cholesterol) and no increase in the level of their low-density lipoproteins (“bad” cholesterol)”. (Big news 1) People who have diabetes try to reduce their blood-sugar levels, and sometimes it’s so hard for them. Sometimes people with diabetes suffer from other problems because they

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