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Throughout my education career, I have always had an interest in working as an athletic trainer. To become an athletic trainer, individuals have to attain a bachelor’s degree in a credited university (Bureau of Labor Statistics). Most states in the United States require applicants to acquire the degree before being awarded a certification or a license to operate as an athletic trainer (Bureau of Labor Statistics). Apart from bachelor degrees, some institutions require their employees also to have a master’s degree. My passion for the occupation not only arises from its average salary of about $40000 annually but also the ability to positively affect an athlete’s skills (Bureau of Labor Statistics). Besides, routine exercises associated with the career always keep the trainers physically fit. Next, for one to be a successful athletic trainer, then he or she has to keep tabs on the latest ways of improving the client’s model of training (Bureau of Labor Statistics). The trainers are also required to have ethical decision making and interpersonal skills and to be companionate and detail-oriented.

Companionate trainers are those who can work with patients and athletes experiencing discomfort or pain associated with particular injuries. In this instance, they need to be sympathetic in providing the necessary treatment. Another essential quality of good trainers is being detail-oriented, whereby they should keep detailed records of the patients’ health progress (Bureau of Labor Statistics). Athletic trainers are required to ensure that their clients receive proper fitness training regimen and appropriate treatment (Bureau of Labor Statistics). Lastly, they should have excellent interpersonal and decision-making skills because of the strict requirements of their work. In this instance, decision-making skills help them in making decisions that could affect the client’s health. Interpersonal skills, on the other hand, help in managing difficult situations by adequately communicating with others. Other occupations similar to an athletic trainer include recreation therapists and exercise physiologists.

The duties of athletic trainers are primarily those involved in carrying out rehabilitation programs to their clients (Bureau of Labor Statistics). Also, they provide emergency treatments to injured athletes, especially during training and games. Due to the importance of their work on and of the filed job opportunities in the sectors are expected to grow to about 23 percent (Bureau of Labor Statistics). Also, demands for the trainers is likely to increase as different sporting institutions recognize their importance to the athletes (Bureau of Labor Statistics). My passion for the occupation and its job outlook made me choose the course in sports management and kinesiology at Texas Southern University. I intend to take advantage of the opportunity to study at Texas Southern University to acquire the required skills of the career.

While at Texas Southern University, I intend to stay motivated throughout my career to be successful. I believe that setting goals and keeping the focus on learning new things from lecturers will be the key to finishing my studies and graduate in the recommended four-year timeframe. Also, I hold the view that all classes are essential in equipping me with the skills needed to become a great athletic trainer. Therefore, I will ensure that I attended all the lectures as set by the school. The other strategy of staying motivated is to set small achievable goals throughout my course. I expect to experience some challenges throughout my studies; however, with small achievable goals, I hope to tackle all obstacles and gradually improve my grades.

Lastly, despite my intentions to work hard, some of the challenges might require assistance. Thus, I will seek support from family and friends to keep myself motivated throughout my studies at Texas southern university. Apart from being motivated, I also intend to develop my career by finding job opportunities through networking. Some of the networking sites that I am familiar to are the “Handshake” and “Linked In.” The two sights are useful in the sense that they link job seekers to potential employers. For instance, I have created a professional resume on my linked in the profile that I expect to impress my prospective employers. “Handshake” and “Linked in” have therefore been so useful in developing my career.

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