Asylum Seekers in Australia
Essay Preview: Asylum Seekers in Australia
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In Australia the current policy in regards to asylum seekers is that we are to ensure that they are not sent back to a country where their life or freedom would be threatened. Australia goes through many different processes to find out whether or not we want the asylum seeker to stay in Australia.

Asylum seekers enter Australia without a valid visa. Australia detains the asylum seekers while their refugee applications are decided. Those found to be refugees according to Australian migration law and who pass medical and security tests are granted a temporary protection visa .Unauthorised arrivals who are found not to be refugees under Australian migration law remain in detention until they are removed from the country.

Some Australians are worried about when we let asylum seekers into the country they may have more reasons against them, than reasons for, that they should be allowed to live in Australia. For example. In theory, asylum seekers will add to the diversity of the society, bring potentially new skill sets, and/or enhance existing ones, be productive members of society, and stimulate the population growth. In practise, few of the asylum seekers will have marketable skill sets, many will not be able to find employment, inability to work will cause some to be on the dole and others may turn to crime to support their families, increase the tax burden on the working class to either support these asylum seekers, or pay for their incarceration.

The time and money being spent on processing illegal and legal asylum seekers has impacted negatively on our immigration program. Part of our immigration program was to bring skilled workers to this country, however these asylum issues have slowed down this process. Millions of dollars are spent finding appropriate accommodation for asylum seekers, having to build many new detention centres to look after them, finding more employees to work at the detention centres. These resources could have been used to accommodate many other homeless people in Australia instead.

Major concerns to Australia when asylum seekers arrive is making sure they receive medical attention to make sure they do not carry any infections or diseases that may spread throughout the country. These medical resources could have been used in many other areas in our society.

I think after researching this topic that I have mixed opinions whether or not asylum seekers should or should not be allowed into Australia. We do have to help others less fortunate, whether or not we keep them safe in our country or send them to another country where they will be safe. If I were in an asylum seekers position, I know that I would not want to go back to a country where my life may possibly be at risk. Even though not all asylum seekers are a threat to society, it is very hard to tell between them and the ones that are a threat. The financial cost that comes with

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