Asylum Seekers in Australia
Essay Preview: Asylum Seekers in Australia
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My opinion is that the asylum seekers, boat people, should be processed on Australias shores and be allowed to live here as well. The asylum seekers have traveled so far and paid lots of money to the smugglers to smuggle them as well as their families into Australia. They have also risked their lives traveling through the unpredictable ocean and skies and risked getting caught by the terrorists in their countries. Firstly Australia is not being over populated by them as some journalists say; also many communities are willing to accept the asylum seekers and look after them until they are able to look after themselves and most importantly the asylum seekers are fleeing from wars, genocides and terrorists in their own country.

Firstly, Australia is not being over populated by boat asylum seekers, (boat people). The statistics show that less asylum seekers arrive here in a year than permanent or temporary migrants from all over the world, about 2382 asylum seekers from 6258 asylum seekers a year, and about 508 000 permanent and temporary migrants a year. The majority of the asylum seekers are being housed on Christmas Island, about 2571, and only a few were let into Australias main land, about 1654 including boat crew. Less than fifty percent of the 6258 asylum seekers have had their cases finalized and many are still waiting for a final decision. On the ninth of August 2008 temporary protection visas (TPVs) and temporary humanitarian visas (THVs) were abolished. All the initial applicants for the visas who were engaged in Australias protection can now receive permanent protection visas. Current and former users of these visas that were still in Australia now had access to the permanent protection visas; this is called the Resolution of Status visa (RoS). This visa has the same benefits as that of the former visas. However the minister for immigration and citizenship didnt lift the bar for asylum seekers in 2009 and 2010 so that they can apply for visas. This is why Australia is not being overpopulated ny boat asylum seekers.

Secondly, In Australia there are some communities that are willing to accept the asylum seekers. This means that they would allow them to live in their homes, feed them with their own resources and clothe with whatever they could. These communities know that the asylum seekers have left everything behind and have run from their own country and have arrived in Australia with nothing but fear. Most of the asylum seekers that have arrived in Australia were shipped off to excised islands such as the terrority of Christmas and Cocos Islands in the Indian Ocean, the territory of Cartier, Ashmore Islands in the Timor Sea and all islands that form part of Queensland, Northern territory, Coral Sea islands territory and Western Australia. These islands are becoming overcrowded with asylum seekers as for years they had been shipped there. Australia is not the only country asylum

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