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Dubai Luxury Shopping
Essay Preview: Dubai Luxury Shopping
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Luxury shopping, ultramodern architecture and a lively nightlife scene is what many would like in a place to visit. Dubai is the place I would love to visit. This is one of the best places I think anyone would like to go to. It is a place that I would like to visit because it has such a beautiful scenery and there are astounding shopping malls.

In Dubai, from things I have seen online there is a beautiful scenery of things I would like to see. There are so many places I would like to visit while there. While in Dubai I would like to visit one of their tallest towers the Burj Khalifa which is 2,716.5 ft. tall. It stands in downtown Dubai with lights shining from every direction. I would like to see the fountains that are located there with colorful lights changing every time the water shoot ups. There are even water parks and aquariums that I would love to see. I would love to go to the Dubai deserts where all you could see is the sand dunes and a beautiful sunset. Dubai is such a great place I would like to visit to see all of these places.

Shopping is every girl’s favorite thing to do. The shopping malls in Dubai are huge to where there are different floors which hundreds of floors. The Dubai Mall is the largest shopping and entertainment destination in the world. In this mall there is stores like Christian Louboutin and Chanel. There is even a zoo and ice rink in this mall. There are other malls like City Walk and Ibn Battuta Mall. The architecture in these malls is like none other. There is art work in these malls with different contrast of colors and pattern. It has such thought and talent put into it.

One day I believe I will go to Dubai and visit all of these places there that I have continuously seen online. It is a place I think many would like to visit. Dubai is a place I truly think was created to be this beautiful city full of so many things to do and see.

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