Role of Mba Graduate
The Master of Business Administration is world leading business qualification. According to the Association of MBA there are 22,000 MBA students currently studies in United Kingdom. The MBA graduates are one of the main roles in the business process because MBA graduates involvement to make business strategy.

“Learning from experience in order to change, rather than simply repeating previous Patterns” McGill and Beaty (1992) Using previous experiences, individual characteristic, skills and other resources such as book and internet resources MBA graduate broaden their knowledge.

Figure 1.1
The above model is an extended version of the “Kolb Learning Cycle” model. According to the Figure 1.1 shows how MBA graduates improve their knowledge. In the first step shows there are three characters of experiences’, skills and individual qualities. Using above three characteristics MBA graduates can identify the opportunities to apply these characteristics. After identify the opportunities apply that knowledge to the real world process. Outcomes of the real world process become a new knowledge. This learning cycle is never ending cycle that means MBA graduate gathering and applying knowledge all the time in his career. According to the above explanations MBA graduate always expand their knowledge.

Interdisciplinary team
Basic definition of the interdisciplinary team is “people who are work as a team come from the deferent backgrounds”. According to the above statement different background mean different skill, knowledge and career levels. Good example for the interdisciplinary team is a “Top management team” of the company. The evidence for the previous statement is top management team consists of all the senior level mangers in the hole organization or company such as HR, marketing, finance & accounting, manufacturing and maintains managers. They are coming form the different backgrounds as an example finance manager got the finance knowledge.

“Critics assail the relevance of the subject matter taught and often claim that MBAs are technically brilliant but exhibit minimum social skills”, Reeve (1992).MBA graduates day by day increase their knowledge. They do not have fixed firmly knowledge. Fixed firmly knowledge mean someone can say one plus one equals two that it a fact but according to the MBA graduate, they can argue one plus one equals eleven this is not fixed firmly knowledge that is why MBA graduate got different thinking. As an example engineers and doctors are got fixed firmly knowledge because of their thinking according to the facts, engineer think

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