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Teacher’s End: Create an assignment notebookSpecify details such as:ClassSubjectAssignment NumberDue DateGraded/Non-graded/Marked/ObjectiveWhen she checks the notebook after the due date she gets the list of students who have not submitted the assignment. Assignments get submitted with a timestampShe opens the first assignment:Ungraded assignment: i. She uses annotations to check the assignment/report/activityii. She records an audio feedback in case of a long feedbackiii. Stops checking in between if has some work.iv. Carries on from the left point again.v. A progress bar at the top shows how many assignments remaining to be checked under this She likes an assignment or a part of an assignment a lot, she pins it at the top of the notebook for all students to see.vii. She checks all the assignments and the notification is sent to the parents and students about the sameGraded (Alphabetical grade)  i.  A textbox/dropdown menu at the end of every      assignment.ii. An entry in the textbox/dropdown sends it directly to           the SIS                                          iii. Steps same as step I to vii of ungraded assignment Marked assignments (We talked to teachers, they told us that some homework assignments are marked according to the questions and the grade depends on the total marks given. Grade distribution is done through excel)The first assignment acts as a template for marks for other assignments.The maximum marks and marks awarded for every question fields are the side panel where teachers can write the marks.From second assignment onwards the maximum mark field gets frozen and teacher only enters the marks for each question either in handwriting or through keyboard.To avoid error a review box for every question to be there to show if the marks getting stored are the same what teacher meant by her handwriting.After all the questions for an assignment are checked the totaling is done automatically and the marks go to the SIS.Other steps same as ungraded assignment step I to vii.Objective tests: (In Class) A small scanner that can at a time scan around 50 sheets scans the test copies.The student had marked the answer by darkening the circle.The question paper format is already there. Each scanned copy is uploaded and matched against the right one automatically without teacher intervention.Based on some OMR/OCR technology. To be discussed with coach.Additional things that we can do if the submitted document is a word or PDF doc (typed):Find the keywords proactively so that teacher does not have to scout for those words in the long text/essay. This is done if teacher provides the set of keywords already which Is done in traditional way as well.Introduce linearity and modularity in the checking experience by collating the sheets answer-wise to take care of the frame of mind of teacher.Student’s End: To be filledIssue Faced:Will students be submitting the documents online?           Solution/ Resolved/DecisionYes, our focus of Pvt   international schools makes it reasonable enough to assume that students will have access to devices at home as they usually come from affluent schools.Our narrowing down of segment from standard 6th to standard 12th makes it reasonable enough to assume that students would be able to Type the assignments and/orTake a proper picture of homework or assignment.How will the quality of assignments be ensured?Solution/ Resolved/DecisionA quality check at the server which uses contrast mechanism might help.Parents will be helping in uploading the documents which they would happily do.Would students be able to access OneNote at home and schools?Solution/ Resolved/DecisionYes office 365 free subscription provides students with onenote with as many as on 5 devicesIs it applicable on all sort of tests/assignments?No. Right now we focus only on assignments that are  given as homework and objective type questionsWill the school have enough incentive to implement your system?TBDWill student have a login in my app or is it Onenote integrated?A student might have. Separate onenote worksheet for every student or how?To be discussed with dev coach

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